Ensure your website’s tracking is accurate and efficient with a Google Tag Manager (GTM) audit. Davis PPC Consulting will conduct a thorough review of your GTM setup, identify issues, and provide actionable recommendations to optimize your tag management and data collection.

Why a GTM Audit is Essential

A GTM audit is crucial for:

  • Ensuring accurate tracking of user interactions and conversions.
  • Identifying and fixing errors that may lead to incorrect data.
  • Optimizing tag performance to improve website speed.
  • Streamlining your tag management process for efficiency.
Google Tag Manager Audit Process

Our comprehensive GTM audit process includes:

1. Initial Assessment: Reviewing your current GTM setup and understanding your tracking goals.
2. Tag and Trigger Analysis: Examining all tags and triggers to ensure they are properly configured and firing correctly.
3. Variable Verification: Checking that all variables are correctly set up and used appropriately in tags and triggers.
4. Data Layer Inspection: Assessing the implementation of your data layer to ensure it’s providing the necessary information for accurate tracking.
5. Error Identification: Identifying any errors or issues in your GTM container that may impact data accuracy.
6. Performance Evaluation: Analyzing the performance of your tags to identify opportunities for optimization.
7. Recommendations: Providing a detailed report with actionable recommendations to improve your GTM setup.

Benefits of a Google Tag Manager Audit
  • Accuracy: Ensure your tracking data is accurate and reliable.
  • Efficiency: Streamline your tag management for better website performance.
  • Insights: Gain deeper insights into user behavior and campaign performance.
  • Compliance: Ensure compliance with privacy regulations and consent management.
Get Started

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