My Journey from Meteorology to Digital Marketing

Welcome to Davis PPC Consulting, where I connect data-driven precision with creative marketing strategies. My journey began as a meteorologist and high school teacher, but in 2005, I started on a new path in digital marketing. With a passion for analytics and a knack for teaching, I transitioned from promoting my self-authored math books using PPC ads to managing massive client budgets at marketing agencies. In 2014, I established Davis PPC Consulting as a one-person consultancy, focusing on helping clients navigate the rapidly evolving landscape of digital marketing, including the transition to Google Analytics 4 and the integration of AI and machine learning into reporting and workflows.

My Expertise: Tailored Digital Marketing Solutions

I specialize in providing bespoke digital marketing services that drive results. My expertise spans across:

  • Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising campaign management
  • Multi-touch attribution and direct measurement goal optimization
  • Conversion rate optimization and landing page best practices
  • Marketing analytics for audience definition and campaign analysis
  • Google Analytics 4 implementation and reporting
  • Training for in-house digital marketers and agency employees
My Values: Setting and Surpassing Expectations

My core values guide every aspect of my work:

  • Adherence to true best practices
  • Aiming for the best possible results, not just acceptable ones
  • Maintaining clear objectives, goals, strategies, tactics, and measurable results for each client
  • Belief that all client accounts can be improved
  • Setting and meeting high internal expectations, and setting and exceeding high client expectations
Why Hire Me as Your PPC Marketing Consultant?

Choosing to work with me means partnering with a seasoned expert who can:

  • Generate a higher return on your ad investment, meaning more revenue for your business
  • Offer services at a fraction of the cost of an agency, leading to significant savings
  • Maximize each online direct marketing channel for balanced growth alongside your offline efforts

Imagine the possibilities: Turning a 4-to-1 return on a $25,000 monthly ad spend into a 5-to-1 return, resulting in an extra $25,000 in monthly revenue and additional savings of $3,400. That’s the power of expert consultancy at Davis PPC Consulting.

Let’s Elevate Your Digital Marketing Together

Ready to transform your digital marketing strategy and achieve unparalleled growth? Contact me and let’s embark on a journey to success together.